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Introducing our Intentional and Intuitive Crystal Healing Set, meticulously crafted to support your energy healing journey. By filling out the Customize section below, we can create your personalized box featuring natural, handcrafted jewelry and crystals with intention and intuition. Each box includes:

- A necklace

- 4-5 crystal pieces

- Affirmations

- Healing oil or potion

- A guideline on how to work with and clear each crystal

Each crystal is cleansed with Reiki, Palo Santo, and Mugwort during and after creation. Every piece is chosen to align, support, and balance your healing journey, ensuring a unique and tailored crystal healing experience. Embrace the power of crystals to enhance your well-being and spiritual growth with our Intentional and Intuitive Crystal Healing Set.

Intentional & Intuitive Crystal Healing Set

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  • We invite you to share details about your healing journey and needs to create a personalized crystal healing set just for you. To help us understand your unique path, please provide the following information:

    Zodiac Sign: Include your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs if known. Chakra Focus: Specify if you are working on a particular chakra or if you have specific goals related to the seven chakras. Energetic Healing: Share any energetic heal work you are engaged in.

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