The first staging of RWWR took place in the beautiful parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica, from November 11 – 18, 2019. Westmoreland is a bountiful parish located on the west side of the island. The parish boasts lush mountains, rivers, streams and springs, fertile rain-fed soil perfect for organic and permaculture farming, white sandy beaches and coral reefs. 

we retreated in an eco-friendly cabin, called Zimbali Retreats, Nettled in the Canaan Mountains,  with lush vegetation, rivers, and natural springs, Zimbali is the perfect space for our retreat. We were welcomed into Zimbali with pure love; the staff, the animals and owner Mark create a space and atmosphere that made Zimbali home. 

RWWR was an absolutely mystical experience. My biggest take away is "JUST LIVE IN FLOW! "


Check out some of the highlights below

Day 1 

Welcome to Zimbali 

We arrived in bliss,  completely open to the journey ahead. acknowledging the synchro-destiny of the moment. We were all gathered in this mystical space with the unified intention to take the journey Rastafari Way. 

Welcome to Zimbali

Welcome to Zimbali


Day 2

Honoring Earth Element

The journey into self began with grounding and getting close to the earth. Honoring this element during meditation, asana practice and while touring Zimbali's Organic farm. getting close not just to the earth but to the foods nourished by the earth. Nurtured and nourished we ended the day with a deep sense of belonging.


Day 3

Honoring Water Element  

Meditation by the river we started our day in an extremely powerful way. we hiked to camp survival gathered fresh spring water from the earth, had lunch with Fyah who gathered our food fresh from the farm and prepared it on an open fire. In the evening after an amazing dinner, we gathered for drumming., truly  a mystical way to end the day.


Day 4

Honoring Fire Element

Stoking the fire within by building internal heat during our meditation and asana practice. Then journeying to St. Elizabeth to tour an Organic Marijuana farm. The adventure revealed a deeper part of Self as we moved inflow. Sacramental Blaze and positive vibrations.


Day 5

Honoring Air Element

Another day in paradise to journey inflow. Our first beach day was again mystical. Took a trip to the mineral bath,  dived off the cliff into the blue hole, the most beautiful blue water I've ever seen. Then journeyed to 7-mile beach in Negril. Sun Sand and Wind; the day got even more magical after eating the most amazing Vegan food from Rasta Lemonade located on the beach and going on a glass-bottom boat ride from where we watched the sunset. Bliss Absolute!


Day 6 

Honoring Ether Element

this day had an extremely high vibration from sunrise to sunset. After an invigorating meditation, asana practice. we spent the morning in a lecture with Bongo Roach, herbal healer and Master teacher, Bongo Roach was transmitting knowledge from a higher realm. We again journeyed to Negril for our second beach day. We hired a boat to take us over to Booby Cay Island ( little private island by the reef) where we prepared dinner on an open wood fire and scuba dived into the sunset. Again another mystical flow where ether was experienced underwater.


Day 7

Honoring Self  

By honoring all the elements each day the journey brought us deeper into Self as we realize we are the embodiment of all these elements and so much more. 

After our lecture with Elder Ras Iyah V, master teacher, and Marijuana activist. We collectively decided to just wander.