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Wellness Rebirth Retreats


Rastafari Way Wellness Retreat

Natural Mystic Elevation

Blue Mountain, Jamaica

February 18 - 27, 2023

Rastafari Way Wellness Retreat is a cultural immersion into Rastafari way of living. This experience is an eco-conscious yoga retreat infusing wellness, food, art, culture, and spirituality creating a dynamic experience of what it means to live The Rastafari Way. 


Our all-inclusive accommodations welcome everyone from travelers of independent mind to couples who want everything taken care of for them.  Artists and romantics find warmth, executives find much needed balance. Everyone finds inspiration. 


The theme of our February 2023 Retreat is Natural Mystic Elevation in honor of the roots and healing power of reggae music. We will take you on a once in a lifetime Journey to discover and connect with the origins of reggae music and it's powerful healing potential. We will also walk the footsteps of the great and Legendary Bob Marley as we highlight his influence on the Rastafari Movement and how he pioneered Rastafari and reggae music across the globe. Additionally, February is reggae month in Jamaica and this retreat is curated for you to be in the vibration and heart of the music. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime.



Celestial Plant Healing Retreat

Guided by the call

March 1 - 7, 2023

Medicine Womben activated, this is An exclusive retreat experience By Wellness Rebirth Retreats & Taitopics. The intention for this healing experience is designed to connect the guests with the culture of healing holistically with cannabis and other plant medicine. Cannabis is our featured medicine. It is our intention to expand the vibration around this medicine to reaalign with its roots and powerful healing potential. Reclaiming the power of cannabis for holistic and sacramental use we will journey with cannabis while offering the opportunity to infuse other plant medicines into the experience.


A sacred/ceremonial space created for the participants to partake and interact with the plant medicine for deep healing purposes. This experience will be guided as a sacred and meditative ritual with expert sacred healers and medicine womben.


This is an immersive journey that takes you into the root of your being, to awaken, heal and restore our esistence in all realms. The interaction with plant medicine is welcomed at different levels, be guided by your own inner calling. We will create space by offering various forms of plant medicine and several different ways to interact. 


The main plant medicines we will be journeying with are cannabis, cacao and psilocybin mushroom.


Additional Medidine for private sessions include bufo, kambo and changa (see add-on for more detals. Each guest will have the option of choosing to jounery deeper with one of these medicines. LISTEN, and you will know intuitively what you need.

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