January 11, 2019

Life is always coming at us so rapidly. We live in a very unstable period; the age of instant-gratification and over-stimulation.

So, how do you slow down find reverence, sustain good health and manifest your visions?

The answer is solitude. Finding acceptance and reverence in your being. Coming into a knowingness of Self,  that essentially the only thing that matters is your growth and over-standing of Self. Solitude is the altar of self-realization, you must embrace quiet moments, quiet thoughts a...

September 18, 2018

On Saturday September 1, 2018, Classics Used Books, in Trenton New Jersey hosted me for a book signing featuring my debut book, Soul Expression. The event was well attended by locals, friends and family. The room was lit with positive vibration; love, laughter and tears of joy. 

The energy I received from those who came out to support me was whimsical;  Absolute Bliss. I am eternally grateful for everyone’s love and support. 

I also made the announcement that I will be don...

August 2, 2018

I am happy to announce the release of my poetry book, Soul Expression. eBook Available now for pre-order on Amazon. Paperback will be available for purchase on the official release date of August 11, 2018.

The words came and I wrote and as I wrote, my spirit began to float. The journey became lighter and lighter, my smile got brighter and brighter, my heart broke open and pure love flowed from my being.

Gratitude for life!

Get the book, write a review and help me get to the best-seller within the first...

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Journey to Self Discovery

January 11, 2019

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