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Our Story

Meet Maharri

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i Am Maharri 

I am a natural born mystic who specializes in facilitating sacred space. I am a Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Sound Healing Therapist, Transition Doula (End Of Life Doula), Medicine Woman  and Wellness Lifestyle Strategist. Beyond the "titles" I am that I am a woman who advocates for wellness and nature  and has committed many years to helping people create holistic lifestyle changes. I work with my clients to create what I like to call a rebirth; working on the mind, body, and spirit. I am passionate about the  practice of yoga, holistic nutrition, and sustaining good health. It brings complete joy helping my clients  revitalize proper nutrition, sacred movement, proper breathing, relaxation, and positive thinking.

My main focus is yoga, holistic nutrition, self-care, stress management and end of life support. I am also committed to advocating the importance of sustaining an eco-friendly lifestyle, one that supports the liberation of the planet.

My Story

I grew up in Jamaica where my life was built around wellness and sustainable living. I migrated to the US and several years later I was diagnosed with lupus. My first impression was that living in the US, where I am cut off from natural realms was the reason for the dis-ease I was experiencing. I decided against prescribed medication and went on a journey to heal my body holistically, with nature as my main prescription. After seeing my own transformation, I became inspired to share my medicine, the art of Self healing.

My mission is to help others with their journey to wellness by using techniques and principles guided by ancient holistic practices, primarily the Rastafari ital (Vital) way of life. 


The Movement

Growing up on a farm in rural Jamaica, I have a keen sense of sustainable living and nutritional wellness (It’s no wonder I am now an advocate for wellness). I grew up in a Valley called, New Forest, which rests right at the foot of the Capenters Mountain. Nature was my habitat, the abundance of seasonal fruits were my snacks and the earth was my play grown. I was born to live for a cause that embodied natural Living. Once I was activated by Lupus it became my life's mission to expand the my cosciousness to where ever Jah (The Most High) lead me.

Through this expansion the path has lead me to become more centered in curating and hosting eco-conscious yoga wellness retreats that infuses the Rastafari ital way of living ( This a movement that promotes living in a way that is pure and beneficial for our health and for the planet. I also expand my work through local charities to help increase awareness of the ongoing effects of bad nutrition,  lifestyle habits, and environmental practices. 


The service is my worship. Serving through self-governance, and empowering others to do the same by creating  sacred and safe spaces to heal.


I believe one must be prepared to take the journey deliberately. Lupus served as a catalyst to helped me realize that it’s my duty to heal myself. From this realization and actualization I receive the great  of  helping others realize their innate power to heal themselves. I have dedicated my life to this awareness. I love my sacred-work and I take great care in sharing as I learn.

Meet Lotus


i Am iAmma

I am a liberation doula, Certified Reiki Master, Frequency Therapist, Womb Wellness Guide and Pipe Carrying Medicine Woman (traditional ceremonies and tobacco). I work with individuals and groups in journeying  into the depths of ones being to identify the generational patterns and traumas that are holding one back from true healing and liberation. I believe in a holistic method to healing and that there isn't a cookie cutter approach to wellness. 


My offerings focus on behavioral repatterning, releasing trauma and shifting mindsets. In order for one to experience true liberation it is imperative to let go of everything that is not a true expression of the authentic self. Together, we will slowly peel back the layers to reveal your radiant inner light.

My Story

My early years were spent in a constant state of depression and anxiety. Trauma I experienced as a youth and in my early adulthood left me feeling hopeless and at times even suicidal. I was over weight and felt as though my life was going no where fast. It took a rock bottom moment for me to make the committment to heal and begin the journey to truly embody my authentic self. This jourmey has been a testiment to the power of intuitive guided care. Trusting in my inner voice literally saved my life. My journey has been my constant motivation for sharing my gifts and medicine with the collective.


The Movement

My love and connection with nature started as a child, when all I wanted to do was be outside. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest in the states afforded me with opportunities to connect with Mother Nature in the most magical and initmate of ways. My upbringing instilled in me the passion for sustainabily and eco-conscious livity. I am able to bring this passion forth by co-creating wellness, eco-conscious retreat experiences, workshops and events for ones ready to dive deep into holistic wellness and expand in environmental awareness. 


To serving the Great I AM through embodying my authenticity as well as, holding safe and sacred space for ones to heal. 

My commitment must first come to my own personal journey because it is only through true embodiment that I can teach and guide from a place of authenticity and wisdom. I know that it is impossible to pour from an empty cup and so I stand firm on my committment to ensuring I am pouring from my abundance and not from lack. From this place I can truly serve from my heart space and create a safe container for healing and transformation. 


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