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MeTreat Day Retreat

A Personalized Day Retreat to Support Your Wellness Journey.

  • 7 hr
  • From 333 US dollars
  • Location is Based on Client Preference

Service Description

Step into a transformative journey that harmonizes mind, body, and spirit. Our meticulously curated wellness day retreats offer an authentic, holistic experience that leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated. Immerse yourself in a day of self-discovery, deep connection, and nourishing practices that promote inner healing. We welcome all light beings and honor all paths of life, creating a sacred space for men and women to breathe, grow, and evolve together. Our One-Day Personalized Retreat Includes: Meditation & Breathwork: Begin your day with guided meditation and breathwork, two powerful practices that reduce stress, enhance mental clarity, and promote spiritual awareness. Our expert facilitators create a peaceful atmosphere, allowing you to start the day in a focused, grounded state. Yoga: Following meditation, experience a dynamic, all-levels yoga practice led by certified instructors. Unify your body, mind, and spirit as you move through a series of asanas. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, you'll feel renewed strength and flexibility in both your physical and spiritual self. Sound Healing: Enter the world of sound healing as you transition from the physical to the vibrational realm. Our sound healing expert uses traditional instruments like singing bowls, gongs, and drums to guide you on a sonic journey. Experience deep relaxation and energy balance as the healing sounds wash over you. Reiki: Feel the subtle yet profound healing energy of Reiki. Our Reiki Master channels universal life force energy to clear blockages and restore harmony in your energy body. This gentle, non-invasive practice is a beautiful tool for emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. Ital Plant-Based Nourishment: As part of our commitment to holistic wellness, we provide nutritious, ital plant-based meals. Prepared with love and respect for life, our food is more than just a meal – it's spiritual nourishment that aligns with the principles of natural Rastafari living and high thinking. Cacao Ceremonies: Enhance your experience with a cacao ceremony, a sacred ritual that connects you with the heart and promotes emotional healing and unity. Add-on Optional Plant Medicine Ceremonies: Explore deeper dimensions of consciousness with optional plant medicine ceremonies. Choose from options like Psylocibin mushrooms, Xhanga, Bufo, Kambo, Rape', and Cannabis with the Steam Chalice, led by experienced guides in a safe and supportive environment.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation or Rescheduling: If you need to cancel or reschedule a Strategy Session for any reason, you must do so at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled session. Please send an email or text message after you have cancel or reschedule using my calendar. Appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice may be forfeited without the opportunity to reschedule.

Contact Details

+ 484-767-1178


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