Specialty Yoga

Make your special events, meetings, training,  conferences, workshop, and corporate retreats unforgettable by adding yoga and mindfulness components. 

Yoga for the Workplace, Meetings, Retreats, School, or Special Events.


Wellness Rebirth focuses on the full yoga experience. While the physical practice of yoga will strengthen and increase flexibility, the poses only constitute one of the eight limbs that guide overall yogic philosophy. A fuller appreciation of these guiding principles will lead your workplace, team, corporate retreats, special events, or school groups to a better ability to focus, improved relationships, decreased self-criticism, a greater perspective, and reduced stress. 

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Yoga Break

Commit to helping your colleagues or conference participants recharge, improve focus, and increase energy levels at your next meeting or event. Wellness Rebirth will design fun, interactive, and unique Yoga Break sessions that enliven attendees. Sessions are adapted to your setting and can range from 30 minutes to an hour and be tailored to incorporate your mission statement or corporation’s vision. Yoga Breaks are a great way of introducing participants to the rejuvenating benefits of yoga. Each Yoga Break will include easy to perform stretches, both seated and standing, breathe-work, and mindfulness exercises that leave participants refreshed and energized. No special clothing or props are required. 


Schedule a Yoga Break as part of your full-day training session, team-building exercises, off-site meeting, or corporate retreat. Your organization and each individual participant will benefit!


 What better way to improve the atmosphere and attitude of your workplace than with a fun yoga class with great music, with soothing restorative postures and flow and guided relaxation.  Your group will leave having learned about yogic principles that have will empower and stimulate the imagination; encourage peace-of-mind; increase health; encourage cooperation; build confidence and increase their power and ability to stay centered, present and grounded in stressful situations.

 This class will leave you and your employees calm, relaxed, empowered, recharged and united

building a stronger better modern-day organization.

Corporate ReCharge ReTreat

Want to create and maintain peace in your company?

Gather your employees, clients or coworkers and retreat with Wellness Rebirth. Let wellness Rebirth plan a relaxing exotic yoga Retreat for your company.  A retreat that will take you into the heart of nature and allow you to completely recharge your entire being. You learn about the ancient yet still timely jewels of yoga; principles that will empower and stimulate your group. You will learn simple ways to eat and nourish your body better, relieve stress and live in harmony with Self. You will discover the power of conscious breathing, stimulate the senses through music and aromatherapy and clear the mind and soothe the body through guided relaxation and massage. This experience also offers fun cultural tours and excursions that connect you to the essence of the human spirit leaving you and your employees calm, relaxed, empowered and recharge.



Wellness Rebirth teaches athletes and teams how discipline 0f yoga can make them better. Wellness Rebirth will design individual practices to impart flexibility, balance, and whole-body strength, creating improvements in an athlete’s form, efficiency, and power. Athletes will increase and develop greater concentration, and breath awareness which will improve mental focus and endurance. Every athlete regardless of their sport will bring greater benefit to their training program, address and treat common problem areas and imbalances in their bodies and become stronger in their sport. All athletes or teams will receive easy to follow.

  • Yoga warm-up and cool-down routines for workouts

  • Poses to specifically target areas of balance, flexibility, and overuse

  • Breath and meditation exercises

  • Recommendations for intensity and volume of yoga sessions throughout the training year

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Looking for something different to do at your next event; birthday party, bridal shower or holiday event?

Gather your friends and come practice mindful indulgence with yoga, cacao, the rastaman chalice steam and/or essential oils. Wellness rebirth offers a elevated and relaxing yoga session that teaches you about the ancient yet still timely jewels of yoga.  Experience the ultimate way to relieve stress; stimulate the senses through music, and aromatherapy which will deepen your somatic awareness, while being guided to an intensely present state of mind.  After yoga, practice mindful indulgence as you experience the amazing taste of cacao or the rastaman steam chalice.